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McCurdy Law and Mediation is a full service law firm with practice areas in family law, real estate transactions, criminal law, landlord/tenant law, employment law and personal injury law. The attorneys at McCurdy Law and Mediation are experienced negotiators, and Andrea McCurdy is also a trained and certified mediator.

Family Law

McCurdy Law and Mediation can help clients in all of their family law matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Divorce – marital dissolution encompasses a wide variety of legal matters
  • Child custody – one of the most important of all family law issues pertains to child custody
  • Child support – which party or parties will pay child support, how much will be paid, payment schedules
  • Paternity – paternity actions can be brought by the mother, putative father, grandparent or the State
  • Visitation – visitation schedules of the noncustodial parent, or both parents in joint custody situations
  • Adoption – whether looking to adopt a child or find a home for an expectant mother’s child
  • Guardianship – legal control over the ward’s person and/or property

Criminal Law

  • Traffic offenses – providing legal representation in all traffic and driving offenses
  • DUI/DWI – a conviction for driving while intoxicated can result in harsh fines, loss of license, incarceration and much more
  • Misdemeanors – criminal offenses that can result in up to a year in county or local jail, fines, other penalties
  • Felonies – serious criminal offenses that can result in years in state prison, fines and loss of rights

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions of all kinds, including purchase and sale of property, mortgages, contracts, deeds, titles, claims, all others. For more information, please visit our real estate website

Property disputes

When two or more parties contest the rights to property, contracts, agreements, land rights, land use, etc.


  • Evictions – tenants have legal rights in eviction proceedings, as do landlords
  • Writs of possessions – one of the legal procedures leading to landlord regaining possession of their property

Employment Law

Employment law encompasses a wide variety of laws and procedures pertaining to the rights of the employer and the employee, including hiring, termination, discrimination issues, workplace safety matters and more.

Personal Injury

  • Auto accidents – in a car or vehicle accident, the injured party, or possibly the family of a deceased victim, may pursue compensation from the negligent party
  • Torts – when a legal duty is breached, the harmed party may pursue compensation in areas such as negligence, medical malpractice, defective products, fraud, etc.

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